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  • Cinnamon Bun: Cinnamon brown sugar filling with a cream cheese frosting.

    Biscoff Bun: Crunchy biscoff filling with a biscoff sauce and crumb topping.

    Nutella Bun: Nutella filling with a nutella and chocolate chip topping.

    Caramel Bun: Dulche de leche filling with a caramel sauce and fudge topping.

    Raspberry and White Chocolate Bun: Raspberry jam and white chocolate chunk filling with a white chocolate and freeze dried raspberry topping.

    Cookies and Cream Bun: Oreo pieces and cookies and cream filling with a cookies and cream topping and oreo crumb.

    Caramilk Bun: Blond chocolate and caramilk filling with a blonde chocolate and waffle piece topping.

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